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~ Ilona Guething @ 14:27 pm, 27th Aug 2014

I started to use Vitology vitamins about a year ago. I have not had one single flu or cold since then, which is remarkable as usually I would have in a year several long-lasting flu attacks. This makes me an extremely happy customer - your vitamins are affordable and getting the products delivered ensures that I do take them regularly - no more head-scratching in health shops trying to figure out which product could possibly be the best one and finally walking out empty-handed as the prices alone would cause a nervous twitch... Happy Greetings and thank you Vitology,

~ Yvette Wyngaard @ 14:11 pm, 25th Aug 2014

Thank you so much Vitology for the courier delivery of starter supplements which I won.  In appreciation for introducing me to your range of good health & vitality, Yvette Wyngaard

~ Andy Moller @ 14:28 pm, 18th Jun 2014

Ek is so bly ek het julle ontdek, want ek het al so baie medikasie probeer en so raak my liggaam net gewoond aan elke pilletjie en roompie, en alles word net erger. Nou kan ek wegbreek van al die chemicals en my liggaam reg kry van n meer lang termyn en gesondheids gefokus manier.  Weereens baie dankie vir jul hulp en jul uitstekende (en baie vriendelike) diens.

~ Angela Goldfein @ 14:21 pm, 18th Jun 2014

It's an incredible invention and has aided in the relief of my chronic heartburn as a result of acid reflux condition aka gerd. 

~ nicole smith @ 21:36 pm, 24th Mar 2014

Love this company! Such great, premium products and fantastic on-time delivery. Thanks so much guys.

~ Nicolene Mostert @ 16:13 pm, 07th Mar 2014

@nicolenemostert Feb 12 Thank you @Vitologyhealth my monthly vitamins delivered right to my doorstep!

~ Jessica Sturrock @ 16:06 pm, 07th Mar 2014

jessica sturrock ?@jess_sturrock Mar 5 @GarethCliff @LeighAnnMol sounds like you all need @Vitologyhealth incredible product,haven't had a sniffle since taking! Even better service.

~ Lynette Khan @ 11:46 am, 18th Feb 2014

The sleep tabs work pretty good. The Zinc tabs I feel makes my skin look healthy and not so dry, and my nail are strong too.

~ Ronel Van Schoor @ 16:24 pm, 21st Jan 2014

Fantastic company with wonderful products.

~ Caryn Bean @ 16:16 pm, 21st Jan 2014

Thanks to my Vitology vits without spending anything extra on additional flu remedy’s I beat my cold at its own game! I pumped up the greens in combination with my pack and after 3 days I was back on track. I can’t afford downtime and therefore can’t live without them!

~ Julie Brookstein @ 16:14 pm, 21st Jan 2014

Awesome service!!! Thanks so much. The parcel arrived about 30 mins ago, and I have taken the first of the PH Balance – Hope the detox starts working soon….. Thanks again for your help. Telling everyone in the office about it…..

~ Sheenah Callaghan @ 16:13 pm, 21st Jan 2014

A perfect place to buy vitamins online, you guys are a stunner!!!

~ Morgs Morgan @ 16:10 pm, 21st Jan 2014

This is a great website. Your vitamins get delivered on time and very timely response from their support team.


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