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About Us

Vitology was co-founded by like-minded individuals. Our goal was to create a range of products that help each and every individual in obtaining optimal health. The inspiration behind the brand is to offer the highest quality health supplements that are effective, affordable and easily accessible. We realized how important it is to provide vitamins that are tailored to the individual and we wanted to eliminate the uncertainty of product selection and provide the convenience of home delivery, ensuring you never run out. We chose to bypass the traditional retailers and health shops, so that we are able to offer our products at better prices.

We are founded on honesty and integrity and are passionate and adamant about providing the highest quality products we can possible supply to meet the demands of the South African consumer. Our products are sourced both locally and internationally and are manufactured according to strict international Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) pharmaceutical standards to ensure the utmost quality and maximum benefit.

Our range is a dynamic combination of quality, affordability and accessibility.

Nicole Sherwin

Nicole's passion is health, wellness and sustainability. She was born into the health and wellness world and mentored by father, Dr. Philip Sherwin. On SABC3's breakfast show Expresso every Thursday between 8-8.30am, Nicole creates natural, non-toxic DIY vitamin-enriched beauty, body and cleaning products as Eco Diva and offers health, wellness & eco tips on her website She recently enjoyed a 2-year opportunity as editor of Simply Green magazine, (SA's no1 Green Lifestyle magazine), as well as contributing editor of Odyssey magazine and has an Eco Diva column in Wellness Warehouse magazine, focusing on sustainability, wellness and social responsibility. Before returning to S.A, Nicole worked and lived in Los Angeles where she created The Green Lounge Experience, an eco and wellness event, conference and trade show. She also interviewed celebrities on Celebrity Soul to find out how they were making a difference in the world and inspiring others through their charity work, wellness focus and environmental activism.

"I've basically been 'popping vitamins' since I could talk and have traveled to and lived in many parts of the world and my favourite thing to do when I arrive somewhere new is find the nearest health shop. So it’s pretty much entrenched in my DNA. I am so excited to bring Vitology to South Africa and hope that people fall in love with our products and healthy lifestyle offering as much as I have".

Joseph Itzkin

Joseph's background is in financial markets. He was one of the first members of the South African Futures Exchange (SAFEX) agricultural division and also managed a stock broking branch of the Dutch banking group ABN AMRO. He later did a stint at Sanlam (SIM) heading their warrants desk. All the while maintaining a strong interest in health and wellness. He’s been an avid gym goer, runner, swimmer and cyclist and has taken vitamin supplements for the past 18 years.

"I've always tried to find the right combination for me as I believe we all need tailored nutritional solutions. My reading and research over the years have led me to where I am and enabled me to pursue my passion in health and wellness."

Joseph brings his wealth of business knowledge, passion and experience to Vitology.

Dr. Philip Sherwin

Dr. Sherwin is a registered homeopath, naturopath and osteopath with over 40 years experience in the alternative health and wellness industry. He has a degree from the British College of Acupuncture in London where he lived and practiced for over 10 years, practicing reflexology, vitamin and mineral therapy and radiesthesia (medicine dowsing). In 1979, he was recognized by HRH Prince Charles for his use of mineral treatment for a bedridden woman who was diagnosed with leukemia and given 3 months to live. Within six months of supplementing her diet with the right dosage of vitamins and minerals and shifting her diet to a more plant and vegetable base, she recovered fully and was given the all clear.

With a busy practice in Cape Town, and many patients around the world, Dr. Sherwin focuses on treating the body holistically (not just the symptoms) and believes the body must be in a pH-balanced state in order to stave off disease and the aging process. He has had great success in his practice, treating conditions such as ADD/ADHD, chronic fatigue, high blood pressure, heart disease, insomnia, IBS, arthritis, osteoporosis, eczema and cancer.

"With stress, pollution and bad diet, our bodies become deficient and lack the correct food to feed our cells. This results in poor health and early aging. It is vitally important to keep every cell in the body strong and healthy and this is achieved through the right balance of vitamins and minerals and a healthy, balanced diet".

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